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With the glittering Sand and Sun, Fantastic weather, Warm water, Colourful marine Wildlife, Hundred of Shipwrecks and great Visibility , Sri Lanka is a Diver's dream come true.

Swim and discover the beautiful marine life, learn to Snokel or Dive.  At professional dive centers along the costal belt, skilled instructors will care for you and assure your safety and pleasure.

It is always an adventure and an exciting event to go under water. No matter what your level  of experience is, there is much to see. You can snorkel in shallow warm water throught the Coral reef and thousand of fish - and at times even meet a  friendly turtle. When you dive there is no end to your adventure in the deep blue water , reef with colours and varieties of marine life, shipwrecks with history  and much more ...

Our Diving Tour package include:

  • Transportation from any distination in Sri Lanka

  • Quality diving Equipment

  • Professional diver's guide


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